Starting Something

I have been toying with the idea of transforming my scribblings into something fit for public consumption for almost two years. So here I am. The story goes something like this…

The arrival of a baby inevitably leads to change, and it wasn’t until after the birth of our little guy that I started shifting my design focus to more personal, interior projects. Being home more with our funny little munchkin over the last year has made me crave a creative outlet more than ever, and doing occasional freelance graphic design work (which I absolutely love!) just didn’t feel like quite enough.

And so that journey has led me to here. Finally starting this. Who knows; Maybe I’ll sell three prints. Maybe I’ll make a couple of people’s homes feel more special. Maybe I’ll inspire one person to start something of their own. And any of these would be OK. Because I’m starting something today and taking a huge leap of faith into the deep beyond that is the world wide web.

Hello! Nice to meet you 🙂